Two dramatic years in the making, Breech's long-awaited fifth release, Tarnish and Undress, will hit the streets on October 8th, 2007. While in the throes of recording the CD, lead singer/songwriter Missy Gibson popped out a kid, enduring long months of morning sickness and pregnancy-related ailments, yet never missed a session. Bassist Ian Barstow moved to Sweden to become a reindeer farmer, his bags packed and sitting next to him as he completed the last of his tracks. And finally, shortly after finishing the album, long time drummer Dan Hughes stepped out from behind his snare and was lost to The Kabbalah. Pulling it together during these trying times, guitarist/songwriter/ producer Mike Flanagan proved to be a pillar of strength and tenacity, surviving long hours in the studio on Coke Zero and Pita Chips.

Several special guests also can be heard on the new CD. David Philips of Frank Black added pedal steel on "SABOTEUR" and "UNREQUITED", and violinlist Rebecca Kaplan, formerly of the Volebeats (Safe House), played on several tracks. LA's own Jen Corday played some cello as well.

Breech embodies the musical vision of Missy Gibson and Mike Flanagan. Gibson came to Los Angeles from Detroit where her performances gained citywide attention, receiving praise from such press outlets as the Detroit Metro Times, who dubbed her "the best independent singer/songwriter in the country." Primary Critic for The AllMusic Guide, and Rolling Stone contributor Thom Jurek writes, "Breech's songs reveal the beauty in human flaws, the subtleties of passion, and the dynamics of anger. They are raw, gutsy, frail, tainted with the stain of life and to the bone." Gibson has also maintained a publishing deal with EMI since 1998. Mike Flanagan, a native Angelino, has received many accolades for his multi-instrumentalist and songwriting abilities. "Flanagan is a striking talent . . . an impressive songwriter. . . a commanding vocalist . . . (with) Elvis Costello's tunefulness and full-bore passion . . ." says the Los Angeles Times.

In 2002, Breech decided to combine their musical talent with their prowess in the kitchen, garnering much attention from their series of "rock and roll bake sales," which funded the recording costs of their full-length release Apron Strings. Their delicious treats and DIY genius impressed The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly (who dubbed Missy "Betty Rocker"), Rocker Girl and Venus magazines, among others. It is not surprising then that Apron Strings won the 2003 DIY Album Of The Year. Breech was also nominated "best indie band" by the OC Weekly, an opinion shared by Music Connection magazine who year after year contends that Breech is one of LA's best independent bands.

Breech has consistently delivered praiseworthy releases including their self-titled debut (1999), cd single Junk (2000), the above mentioned Apron Strings (2002) and Demos Dust and Debris (2003), a collection of live acoustic tracks and recordings seldom heard.

Breech's music has been featured in film and television, on shows such as the WB's "Dawson's Creek" and "Black Sash." They have also appeared on Canadian TV's "Much Music," and PAX tv's "Ed McMahon's NEXT BIG STAR." Breech have toured the country extensively on their own, as well as opening for many national acts, including Weezer, the late Jeff Buckley, White Stripes and Liz Phair.

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