Aberdeen built on their local success by producing, releasing and distributing their first CD on their independent label Rock the World Records in February of 1998.

Were able to further distribute their disc at local music stores including Street Sounds in Brooklyn NY and Sam Goody in New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1998. The album has received a positive response from college radio stations in the 48 states that it has been sent to. Over 150 commercial and college radio stations have the disc and about half have given it light rotation.

Cosmic Radio and it's listeners have brought Aberdeen to #1 on Cosmic Radio and #2 on the World Music Charts in March of 2000 on the TOP25 Metal & Hard Rock Station which is broadcasted all over the world. They have been recieving daily airplay on Cosmic Radio for almost two years and are charted under Worldwide Radio in the CMJ New Music Weekly Report...

In May of 2000 the band released Aberdeen Suburban; you can get it online through The Cosmic Store, The Orchard, CDNow, Amazon.com, Best Buy and other online record stores or you can Order by mail.

Aberdeen hit over 200 college, international, internet and commercial radio stations worldwide with its new release in the year 2000.

Aberdeen is currently playing in the Northeast area of the U.S.

The band's set includes original songs plus cover songs from STP, Seaweed and Black Sabbath...

Will appear in the Redefine the Rockstar Series compilation albums through 2003. A new live video from the latest album will be released in 2002. The band is putting together songs for a 3rd album (No Memory) due out in 2002. Aberdeen is on regular rotation in the UK on Passion 106.8FM, Bryansk, Russia 100.3FM, CBC Radio in Ottowa, Canada, 440 Music in Chicago, Illinois and Sprocket Radio in El Segundo, California.

Aberdeen has always used their music and diversity to break the barriers set forth by trendy record companies, magazines and MTV. The band continues to record music and play live in an ever evolving state...


Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A Hunting and Gathering 3m 18s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A All of Me 2m 47s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Run from the Sun 4m 32s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Falling Out 3m 1s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Aberdeen 5m 58s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Passage 2m 17s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Indigo 2m 37s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A 1972 10m 41s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Bottom of the River 3m 52s 128 kBit/s $1.50
N/A Carry Over 4m 24s 128 kBit/s $1.50
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