What Bird

What Bird is Julia Harrison and Winston Harrison.  The Nashville, TN duo describe their music as “late-night driving music,” as they are most influenced by the dark, kinetic, peaceful, yet unsettling feeling of a late-night drive.  Musically this translates to combining acoustic and electronic elements together with a dynamic rhythmic pulse to create a mesmerizing sound. 

Winston and Julia met as students at the University of Miami, where Winston studied jazz bass and Julia studied classical flute.  After college, Winston toured with the Gabe Dixon Band while Julia attended graduate school at CalArts in Valencia, CA.  The 30-mile drive from Los Angeles to CalArts and back every day provided a backdrop for Julia’s songwriting.  Her late night drives through the winding and mountainous freeways lead the way to her collaboration with Winston, who had begun writing and recording ambient and IDM music under the name Fuzzmuzz.  Julia and Winston found they shared a similar musical sensibility and formed What Bird. 

What Bird recently released their debut album Good Night, Good Riddance to rave regional reviews.  Listen Nashville said: “Good night, Good Riddance is yet another brilliant project to emerge virtually out of nowhere from Nashville-based artists.   The forthcoming full-length debut will no doubt catapult What Bird to the top of the indie class.  These songs contain subtle hooks that are addictive without being annoying.  The result is an outstanding high pop record that will be well-received by the most discriminating audiences.”

Band Members:
Julia Harrison
Winston Harrison

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