The Niños Chaos

The Niños Chaos is an exciting collaboration of passionate artists that span the globe, leading a new wave of revolutionary emotional music that is both
accessible and unique. Based on sound foundations of Rock and various local
infuences from around the world, The Niños Chaos will fill your heart with
music and take you on a journey of discovery.

The Niños Chaos is a growing phenomenon, adding fans from every continent that find their voice echoed in the sound of the forgotten generation. Once children at chaotic times, these now mature and accomplished artists come together to present you with music that reverbs the soul. The Niños Chaos collaboration brings together: Ace Eshed, alternative rock/pop/indie musician and composer who has released six albums. And Dr. Sharon Lubasz, psychologist, notable songwriter and artist, founder and director of the Attentive Hearts Charity, who brings the voice of the few into the lyrics and artwork that he creates for The Niños Chaos.

This debut single, ‘Cruel Honest Soul’, is a dark tale of love and romance that turns into the cry of those left behind. Bravely and respectfully, the song portrays the story of those losing themselves in the desperate attempt to win
back a morbid relationship. This seldom discussed reality of abused women who choose death as means of escape, is given center stage by The Niños Chaos and Josephine Chujor Churemi with her haunting vocals that give a voice to the pain of millions around the world and in her country of Nigeria.

The Niños Chaos

Title Time Bitrate Cost
N/A Cruel Honest Soul 2m 45s 320 kBit/s $1.50
Release Date:
31 Aug 2023

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